Why would kids not be allowed to be as stylish as their parents?

Sons & Daughters is a brand of optical frames and sunglasses made for little ones. It was created in Canada by two designers who apparently never left coloured childhood.

Calvin is the artistic director and Shiva is the fashion designer.

Their idea of creating frames for toddlers came from the complain of most of their friends who had kids and could not find high quality, fashionable sunglasses for them.

The difference lies in modern shapes proportionate to their small faces.

Sons and Daughters logo kids glasses The House of Eyewear Paris

Sons & Daughter glasses are made with the same quality standards as adult ones and will perfectly protect your children’s fragile eye.

« Fashion in more and more important in our modern society and many parents want their style to be reflected through their children’s ». Calvin Yu co-founder of Sons & Daughters.

Daisy sunglasses for girls The House of Eyewear Paris

You might knew the iconic shapes of the collection such as Bobby, Clarck, Pixie or Rocky. The designers have now added more bright and bold colours so kids are happy to wear glasses and parents happy to admire them.

They are now at The House of Eyewear Paris 30, rue de la Trémoille.

Le 4/07/13 par Sandrine Da Costa

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