In 2007, the young dutch designer Steffie Christiaens starts in the fashion sphere. Trained by the bests, she worked for luxurious brands such as Balenciaga or Martin Margiela.

Steffie couldn’t care less about the “wearable”. Learning from her mentors, she’s more interested in the avant-gardist designs and launches her first collection in 2011.

Her style is very recognizable. Defined by rangy and asymmetric silhouettes, there’s a little bit of futurist craziness in each piece she draws. Stitch, fur and leather are basics in her collection. She uses shades of pastel colors and notes of grey.


Steffie Chirstiaens Haute Couture Catwalk The House of Eyewear Optician Paris


She gets inspired by architecture, because wearing a dress makes the fibers live, she loves to play with layers and transparences. For the catwalk, she adds embroideries and feathers to multiply the relief. Perfectionist, Steffie Christiaens works tirelessly to set forth her designs and vision. More importantly, she tries to add up opportunities to build a big and strong dream team and develop premium vesture. Also, she collaborates with different artists and designers, searching for a mutual inspiration.


Steffie Chirstiaens Sunglassses Collaboration Thierry Lasry Lady Gaga The House of Eyewear Optician Paris


Recently, Steffie invented with the french eyewear genius Thierry Lasry the frame “Gyrolite”, a pair of sunglasses with futurist lines ornamented with white gold leaves. A unique piece in black has been specially made for Lady Gaga, with the same graphic touch.

Determined and ahead of the fashion, her dream is to express her philosophy through clothing. Steffie Christiaens, a young talented and promising designer to follow…

Le 28/11/13 par Sandrine Da Costa

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