Caroline Abram is a colorful woman. Her different origins from India, Poland, Caribbean and Brittany helped to amplify her creative potential and we can trace this incredible melting pot in the wonderful collection of feminine and acidulous glasses.

Since the begining, years ago, Caroline has extended her selection with marvelous jewels such as sparkling lorgnettes or elegant chains to wear with her frames. The House of Eyewear was presenting the creations of the parisian artist last June.

Tête à Lunettes Enfants The House of Eyewear Opticien Paris

It’s in 2014 that this gifted designer focuses on kid’s optical needs. Unfortunately, it’s complicated to find proper glasses for little ones. Often unrefined and joyless, most shapes are far from the current fashion.


Tête à Lunettes de Vue Roses Enfants The House of Eyewear Opticien Paris


Caroline decides differently and creates « Tête à Lunettes« . She draws her inspiration from her most beautiful adult best-sellers and re-sizes them for small faces. The designs are playful and irremediably colourful. It won’t be so hard to find a perfect match for your kids anymore. They will love wearing those luminous frames ! So, dear Moms, dear Dads, don°t be horrified by the sentence of the ophthalmologist. Your children will be as sharp as you regarding future trends.


Tête à Lunettes de Vue Noires Enfants The House of Eyewear Opticien Parisd

Caroline Abram makes a point of honour to have all her creations handmade in France. Those sweets for the eyes will hang on to the worst mini dare-devils! The dashing colour associations will awaken the infantile skins and might raise a jealous looks in the schoolyard.

Le 14/04/14 par Sandrine Da Costa

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